What’s next?

Hello (hello, hello, hello, hello) <—(That’s my echo in the world wide web universe… just in case you were wondering 🙂

Okay so I’ve been getting quite a few emails and messages and comments asking about what I’m working on now am I still writing this book or adding to that book and/or series- first, I want to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for continuing to want and need my stories!! I am so happy that you haven’t forgotten about me or certain books that have taken… uhem… a long time. I haven’t forgotten about any of my characters and it means the world that neither have some of you!

So, what am I working on this year?? A lot!

The Procedure (Written by Tabatha Vargo and myself) will be releasing Jan 27th (P.s It’s about a sexy British doctor- I’ll just leave it at that 🙂

Next will be Shatter (Omg, FINALLY, right?!), the second book in the Discover Series (Flutter is the first book and was re-released that year) I am working on this currently and it WILL be released in the coming months even if it’s the only other book I release this year (But it won’t be haha) I don’t want to give out a release date just yet, but I do have one in mind and as soon as I get closer to the end of the story I will post about it. Sequence, a Discover Series Novella is also something I’m working on and will be release before Shatter, but I plan on having Shatter released shortly after. I plan to have the entire Discover Series finished by the end of this year!

Aside from Shatter, the next book everyone is curious about is LUST! I released Lust as a short story as part of a box set with a few other authors last year and I was super surprised by the response I got for it and from those of you who wanted more. I hadn’t planned on making Lust into a full length, but since I’ve gotten so many request for it, I will be continuing Landon and Meela’s story! I plan to release this after Shatter and as soon as I have a release date I will let everyone know!

I have more in the works and a while schedule for 2015, but these three on my main focus for the beginning of the year. Once these books are released I will update this page with what’s coming next!



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