What’s This?

Technology is an amazing thing! I am far from being a tech girl but I love finding new ways to connect with readers and especially readers who love my books! I say bring on the stalking!

My newest creation is coming up with a way for you die hard readers to stay up to date with me from your pockets. No, I can’t fit in there, but your phone can and that is why I have come up with my very own app!! Yay, right?! With my app you’ll be able to see my status updates on Facebook and Twitter with the swipe of your fingers. You’ll be able to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. You’ll also get first looks at exclusive news, teaser, giveaways & early cover reveals with the VIP tab on the app. *Please note that this is exclusive info for app users ONLY and SHOULD NOT be shared before it’s official release date. THANK YOU!

Grab my app here!



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